The Big Story

Wouldn’t it be awesome to see a live dinosaur?

I well remember when the movie “Jurassic Park” came out in 1993.  I was particularly interested because I thought, well, it would be the closest I’d ever get to a live dinosaur.  And I was so excited about it, I not only watched the movie, but I read the book.

One of the characters in the story is the mathematician Ian Malcolm, who is world-renowned as a “chaos theorist.”  Malcolm is the pessimist in the story. He predicts that the park will collapse because it has too many unpredictable variables – anything can and probably would happen.

And sure enough, that’s what happens – chaos breaks out! And it makes for an engaging story. But thankfully, it’s not true.

Most people today think of the world as a consequence of chance events.  It started with the big bang, developed with the process of evolution, and what we have today is the consequence of disconnected and isolated events.  This way of the understanding the world can make sense of some things.

But it has very devastating personal effects – especially when it comes to understanding who we and what we are meant to be.  Ultimately, the outcome of this outlook is that all we can do is try to form some kind of meaning on our own and hopefully avoid the outcome that such a chaos theory wrought in Jurassic Park.

Many people in today’s world think of the Bible as a dinosaur – that is, as a book that is outdated, unfit to explain the complexity of 21st century reality. But, in fact, the Bible details a story of epic – even universal – proportions!  It’s the true story, the story of the world and God’s plan for it.  And the Good News is that God has designed the world so that you can be an important part of his conscious plan.

The Bible is not a dinosaur – but it’s Alive!  Join us at Pilgrim Covenant Church, where from September 30th to November 25th, I’ll be preaching through the Big Story of God.


Your Partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Ryan

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