Child Care

Here at Pilgrim we understand that children are an important part of our congregation. 

How does Sunday Morning work? 

* Everyone is welcome to join us during the worship service starting at 10:00 AM 

* We begin with announcements and our song service. 

* Most Sunday services contain a segment called “Children’s Moments,” designed to connect with the children at their level before they’re released to nursery (ages 1 – Preschool).

* Parents may choose to keep their children with them throughout the service, but there are typically other options if you need them.

Mothers’ Room 

We have a room where mothers of young children can nurse or feed their children. The room is equipped with a rocking chair and audio of the service. It is located downstairs and through the kitchen on the left. 

Changing Areas 

We have two baby changing locations. One is upstairs in the lobby bathroom and the second is downstairs in the women’s room. The lower level restroom is stocked with extra diapers and wipes if needed.