A Christian Reflection on COVID-19

It has been very strange, and difficult, times that we’ve been living through. The amount of sickness, and death, has been tragic. The impact on the economy has been devastating. The significant societal change, virtually overnight, has been stunning. It’s hard to imagine when life will return to normal. When we will no longer need to wear masks and practice social distancing. We long to meet together again with family, friends, and as a church.

While a small group of Christians have resisted complying with pandemic recommendations, most of us have complied. I see no valid reason for us as Christians not to be safe and prudent in our actions when confronted with a deadly disease. 

There has been good, and God’s presence, in the midst of these overwhelming times. There has been an outpouring of appreciation and support for all essential workers. Serving at an assisted living program, this has been a clear time of being called to keep people safe and to save lives. As essential workers we are willing to risk our own health and well-being, while following recommended precautions, in order to put others first. The commitment of essential workers hearkens to the example, and calling, of our Lord Jesus. The commitment to love necessitates putting others first before ourselves. Christians during the Roman plagues risked their lives to minister to the sick and dying. Those who died were considered martyrs of the faith.

In the midst of adversity, God is present. God was present in the circumstances allowing a member of our church fellowship to work from home enabling him to care for his dying father. Many of us have been forced to lean into God’s presence and strength as we’ve known that our strength is inadequate. Personally, I’ve had to work through my emotions of fatigue and discouragement, drawing on my faith, worship, study, prayer, and fellowship with others. If you are struggling, you are not alone as God is present as are others to support you through this.

I’m thankful to so many people at Pilgrim Covenant Church who have blessed me with their love and support in my work. You have ministered to me as I’ve sought to minister to you.  You’ve lifted me up when I’ve felt tired. You been generous in allowing me the time and energy needed to focus on my full-time work while serving with you. A little girl who was having nightmares kept waking up her mother to console her. The tired mother told her that when she woke up scared that God was with her. The little girl was unconvinced and insisted on her mother’s presence. Her statement was that, “she wanted God with skin on”. You have been my God with skin on.

In Christ,

Pastor Dale