The Helper: Get to Know Him!

I know a funny little man, as quiet as a mouse,

Who does the mischief that is done in everybody’s house!

There’s no one ever sees his face, and yet we all agree

That every plate we break was cracked by Mr. Nobody.

The finger marks upon the door by none of us are made;

We never leave the blinds unclosed, to let the curtains fade.

The ink we never spill; the boots that lying round you see

Are not our boots, they all belong to Mr. Nobody.

As a father of six, I have become quite well acquainted with “Mr. Nobody.”  Or rather, I am acquainted with his work.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if instead of working mischief, Mr. Nobody applied himself to doing helpful tasks? What if Mr. Nobody took out the trash? What if he cleaned the kitty litter? What if he did the dishes, cleaned the bathtub, and vacuumed the cars?

We could all use an invisible helper.

And that’s where I’ve got good news for you: We do.  Speaking to his disciples immediately prior to his crucifixion, he said:

“Nevertheless, I tell you the truth: it is to your advantage that I go away, for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you.” (John 16:7, ESV)

Yes, Jesus promised that all of his disciples would have an invisible Helper.  In fact, His work is absolutely essential and indispensable! You couldn’t even be a Christian without him.  

Who is the Helper? He’s The Holy Spirit! The third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is God.  And the Bible teaches that He is at work in many ways. Unfortunately, many Christians are either ignorant or confused about the Helper’s work, and as a result we aren’t able to receive many of the benefits of His life-giving service.

Beginning in November, I will be preaching on the work of the Holy Spirit.  His work is revealed through his many titles: The Helper, The Comforter, The Advocate, The Revealer, The Strengthener and The Guide.

While we could all use the work of an invisible housekeeper, what we truly need is the work of The Holy Spirit.  I invite you to join us as we get to know him!

Your Partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Ryan

Seeking Jesus, Serving Others