Everyone’s Christmas Story

For me, undoubtedly one of the highlights of my Christmas memories for 2016 will be participation in our play, entitled, “Everyone’s Christmas Story.”  Plays are fun, and they are a lot of work! The more I take part in the rehearsals, though, the more fun it gets.  At first, I’m just scrambling to remember my lines.  Then I start to figure out how I fit in with the other characters in my scene.  But after that, I can watch the whole play.  I can start to figure out the whole story, and chat and laugh at and with everyone involved.  I can’t wait to perform!

One of the messages of our play is that it’s our responsibility to go on telling the story – the story of Jesus and the message of salvation.  And that’s so true: Faith comes by hearing! No one can get saved without hearing and believing the message. 

But as I’ve gotten to watch the play again and again, what’s been impressed on me is that one of the biggest messages of Jesus is that he’s inviting us to become a part of His story! We all have a part to play.  Playing my part in the play is a small part.  Rehearsing over and over reminds me that I have a part to play.

But how about the real story, the ongoing story? It dawned on me that being a pastor and a chaplain and a husband and a father and a neighbor and a friend is a bigger part. Faith demands that I “live into” my role, the role God has for me.  He has chosen and saved and adopted me, he’s molded and shaped and gifted me for his special purposes.  And he’s done the same for you.

So, how about you? You may not have a role in the upcoming play on the December 17th.  But through faith in Jesus Christ, YOU are a part of the story – Everyone’s Christmas Story.  Live into it!

Your Partner in the Gospel,

Pastor Ryan 

God is Good, All the Time!