Establishing a Process of Pervasive Prayer 

Team Leader: Richard & Susan Shuford

Purpose:  To bathe the vitality process in prayer.

The Vitality Prayer Team invites everyone in the congregation to join in seeking God’s vision and direction for Pilgrim Church. One means by which God’s people historically have sought His vision is through the discipline of fasting, conjoined with praying. When we make the practical choice to refrain from nourishment, we are making the spiritual choice to be humble before God in the most basic way–through voluntary physical weakness. There are different modes of fasting. Some people just skip lunch one day per week. Other people may give up particular foods for a time. Some follow a more pervasive discipline. But any intentional fast unmistakably invites God’s presence and help.  As Lent begins, perhaps you may choose to join others in the congregation in fasting each Wednesday until Easter (in whatever mode you can handle) and, at some point during each fasting day, in asking God to bless the Vitality process and to provide wisdom and favor to His church.